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Sewage Management Program

Plumstead Township passed Ordinance No. 2021-05 known as the "Plumstead Township Sewage Management Ordinance".

This Ordinance is a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection requirement and requires that all on-lot sewage disposal systems be pumped out by a licensed pumper/hauler selected by the property owner, at least once every three years. The three-year time shall begin when the system is approved as completed by the Bucks County Health Department.

This program will begin in January 2023. If you can provide the Township with documentation or a receipt from your hauler that your system was pumped between 2019–2022, your records will be updated, and the three-year time clock will begin from your last pumping date. If you are not sure when you are due for your pumping, please contact the Township.

The complete Ordinance can be viewed HERE.

Why You Need Your Septic System Inspected

Sewage Management Program

Protect your property value.
An unkept septic system can lower your property's value and could potentially cost you in legal liabilities.

Sewage Management Program

Protect our eco-system.
Contaminated wastewater poses a threat to our local environment. Malfunctioning septic systems can disperse bacteria and toxins to our natural waterways, which in turn can spread into our towns wildlife, endangering native plants and species.

Sewage Management Program

Protect you and your neighbor's health.
Wastewater can contain disease causing bacteria and toxic chemicals. If maintained properly, a septic system will filter and remove most of these dangerous substances. Otherwise, it can leak causing groundwater contamination, spreading disease to yourself and your neighbors in many ways.

What You Need to Know

Licensed pumper/haulers will be required to register with Plumstead Township and provide documentation including licenses from both the Bucks County Health Department (BCHD) and the PADEP.
CLICK HERE to see the list of registered pumper/haulers.

After your pumping occurs, a report will be completed by the pumper/hauler and provided to the homeowner. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to provide the completed report to the Township within 30 days of occurrence. This report will identify property owner information, the type and size of the system and any observed conditions which may be evidence of a system malfunction. If observed conditions are present, at the time of pumping, the Township will be notified and will recommend that the property owner contact the Bucks County Health Department.

Frequently Asked Questions

I had my septic system pumped and inspected recently. What do I need to do?

If you pumped and inspected your system without our reminder that is fine! We just need the documentation from your pumper/hauler to update the system.

What happens if I forget to comply with this Ordinance in the correct year?

Please have your septic system pumped and inspected as soon as possible. Forward the information to the Township to prevent enforcement actions.

How is the Septage Management Ordinance enforced?

If you fail to get your septic system inspected, you begin the process of noncompliance. We send you a notice of noncompliance and if you ignore your notices of noncompliance, the Township could proceed with civil enforcement in which you could be fined $500 plus all court costs if deemed in violation by the District Justice.

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