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Proposed Village Overlay District

The Board of Supervisors will be holding a future Town Hall meeting to present the proposed Village Overlay District (VOD). At this time the meeting has not been scheduled.

The creation of the VOD would not change the underlying zoning, it only adds another layer of permitted uses to the possibilities for revitalization and redevelopment if the applicant chooses to follow the requirements of the VOD. The VOD gives the community an opportunity to enhance what already exists in the village and plan for the future.

** The Board of Supervisors voted at the 9/14/21 meeting to table everything related to the VOD until 2022. **

Proposed Village Overlay District

There are various reasons behind the idea of creating the Village Overlay District, which are highlighted below:

  • To promote a Plumsteadville as a vibrant Town Center and a focal point for the Township.
  • To create a walkability, mixed-use, small town community with a sense of place and historic character.
  • To promote a pedestrian-oriented environment that enhances accessibility and safety through the construction of a network of sidewalks and trails, crosswalks and signage that interconnect the village and the surrounding areas.
  • To enhance the safety and visual aesthetics of Easton Road (Rt. 611) and Stump Road corridors within the village by providing unified streetscape improvements including sidewalks and crosswalks, landscaping and planting strips, lighting, banners, and street furnishings.
  • To encourage future redevelopment to be compatible with the architectural styles, scale, massing, and setbacks of historic buildings located in the village.
  • To encourage a mix of residential and non-residential uses (within a structure and on individual lots) to provide an appropriate balance of land uses in the village.
  • To ensure there is adequate public spaces and amenities through the provision of village greens, pocket parks, plazas, outdoor dining areas and site furnishings.
  • To provide an expedited review process to encourage future redevelopment and development projects within the village, providing incentives to attract or expand desirable uses in exchange for the provision of certain improvements and amenities.

The proposed Village Overlay District would include Village Design Guidelines that a property owner and/or developer would be required to follow if they were to develop under the VOD instead of the existing underlying zoning of a property. If a landowner wishes to not utilize the provisions of the VOD, they still have all existing rights provided by the underlying zoning district.


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