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Public Works - FAQs

Does Public Works pick up Christmas trees?

Christmas tree pick up will occur beginning on the first Monday following January 1st. Click here for more information.

What can I do with tree trimmings?

Tree branches and limbs will be collected on the last Monday of the month during January through May and September through December. Please call 215-766-0189 to register for this service. Also please click here for important information regarding limb pick up.

Does Public Works pick up leaves?

You no longer need to call and register for pick-up. We will be providing the service by collection zone, and we will service each zone three (3) times during the fall season.

  • Click here for leaf pick-up schedule & important information.
  • Click here for the detailed zones.
  • Click here for our Zone Map.

You will have the option of zooming in and out to locate your street location.

When will my street be plowed?

Township streets are plowed in order of priority. Main roads are plowed first. Please refer to the Snow Plowing Policy attached here.

What happens if my mailbox is damaged during snow events?

The Township has adopted a policy concerning mailboxes damaged during snow events. Please refer to the mailbox policy attached here.

A storm is forecast, should I move my car from the street?

You are required by Ordinance 21-104 to remove your vehicle from the street during a winter storm and for the 48 hours following the storm to allow for snow removal.

I shoveled the sidewalk/driveway in front of my home and it was plowed shut.
Who is responsible for clearing it?

When cleaning your street, one half of the street is cleared to the curb in each direction. This creates the unavoidable problem of cleaned sidewalks and driveways being covered with snow. The best solution to avoid this situation is to wait until the streets have been cleared before cleaning driveways and sidewalks.

Remember--do not shovel snow from driveways into the roadway. This practice is illegal under the state motor vehicle code and is also hazardous. The Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code provides for a maximum fine of $300.00 for this violation. Property owners are reminded that they are responsible for the actions of anyone they may hire for snow removal.

There is a loose dog running around the neighborhood. Who should I call?

Contact the Police Department at 215-766-8741.

There is a dead deer alongside the road. Will Public Works pick it up?

Public Works does NOT pick up dead animals. Contact the Police Department at 215-766-8741, or the Game Commission (610) 926-1966.

A stop sign has been knocked down. Who should I call?

Contact Public Works Monday-Friday between the hours of 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM. If you are calling after hours, please notify the Police Department at 215-766-8741.

Who should I contact about a sinkhole?

Please call Public Works at 215-766-0189 to discuss the matter.

When will the streets be swept?

Curbed streets are swept annually during late April/early May.

The detention basin is not draining?

Please call Public Works at 215-766-0189 to discuss the matter.

Where are the parks in Plumstead Township?

For a listing of the Township parks, please click here.

Are the fields at Tohickon Middle School a Township Park?

The fields at Tohickon Middle School are owned by the Central Bucks School District. The Township is allowed to schedule activities on these fields after school hours and when they are not in use by the school district.

How do I reserve a field or pavilion in a township park?

Please contact the Public Works office to complete a Facility Use Form. For organized sports field use, several important requirements must be met. For a Facility Use Form or a Pavilion Use Form please visit our Download Section

Why aren't there any garbage cans in the parks?

Plumstead Township has a "Carry In, Carry Out" policy for trash removal. If you bring it in, you are responsible for taking it out.

May I walk my dog in the parks?

Yes, you may walk your leashed dog in the Township owned parks. You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog and for properly disposing of the waste. Most of the parks supply both dog waste bags and a receptacle to dispose of them.

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