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From the Director of Public Works - Immediate Release - Leaf Pick-up News CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Street parking during snow & Towing Information for 2023-2024. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


Plumstead Township is in the process of updating their Comprehensive Plan. Additional information on the comprehensive plan workshops can be found below. CLICK HERE FOR INFO

Conditional Use Hearing for Twin Silo Farms will be continued to December 13, 2023 and the hearing will not be held at the Board's meeting on October 11th.'

The EAC is looking for businesses who want to “go green” and sponsor the reusable bag initiative. Your sponsorship simply means you care about the cause and want to participate in this community opportunity. As a sponsor your business’ logo will be displayed on the reusable bag, and you will receive perks like advertisement space in the Township newsletter, social media mentions, and free bags to display at your business, or sell, at your discretion. Additionally, there is an opportunity to have the EAC host a table event outside your business to promote the initiative and your business’ efforts in sustainability.

Plumstead Township Welcome Packet - 2023 CLICK HERE FOR INFO

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Important News About Open Burning..(Because of the volume of inquiries, we have decided to leave this on the website.) Effective February 22, 2012 the Township has officially rescinded its Open Burning Policy and will no longer issue permits. This action is a result of formal notification from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PaDEP) that we are a mandated community under Act 101 and thus any burning is regulated by the state and we cannot supersede its authority. Based on the state law, the only property owners permitted to burn are those considered to be "working farms", defined as the production of agricultural commodities in their unmanufactured state on the premises of the farm operation. Campfires and ceremonial fires are also permitted. Yard waste is NOT permitted to be burned. Yard waste is defined as leaves, grass clippings, garden residue, tree trimmings, chipped shrubbery, and other vegetative materials. Because the Township is a mandated community we are responsible for the enforcement of this Act, and will do what is necessary to ensure that the Township and our residents remain in compliance with it.

Welcome To Plumstead Township

The Plumstead Township Board of Supervisors and Township Staff would like to welcome you to explore our website. Here you will find valuable information about the Township and its services. The website has been redesigned to make it easier and more efficient for residents and other visitors to learn more about us and have their most commonly asked questions answered.

Plumstead Township is located in the eastern portion of central Bucks County. It is approximately 25 miles north of the City of Philadelphia and just northeast of Doylestown Borough, the County seat.

While newer housing developments have brought more families to our area, Plumstead Township retains its rural history, having preserved nearly 3,000 acres to date through the purchase of conservation easements.

More information on Plumstead Township can be found HERE.

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