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Water Department - FAQs

Does Plumstead Township charge customers for both water and sewer usage?

Plumstead Township charges customers for potable water, water coming into your home. Bucks County Water & Sewer charges for waste water (sewer), water discharged from your home. Plumstead Township and Bucks County Water & Sewer are two separate entities with different billing cycles.

Where do I go to pay my water bill?

Water payments can be made by mail to PO Box 387, Plumsteadville, PA 18949. They can also be made in person at the Township Building, located at 5186 Stump Road. For your convenience, there is also a payment mail box on the driveway. Credit Card payments can be made in person or through our website by clicking on the "pay/view" Water Bills Online" button on the home page or general info of our website.

How often do I have to pay my water bill?

Water service accounts are billed 4 times a year; January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. Payments are due 30 days after the billing date.

How do I get a final water or sewer certification?

For a final water certification, please send a written request to Plumstead Township Public Works, 5119 Stump Road, Pipersville, PA 18947. There is a $35 fee for the service and requests must be received at least three days prior to the date of settlement. For a sewer certification, please contact Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority at 215-343-2538.

Who should I contact with questions about my water bill?

If your question is about water bill (water usage), please contact Public Works at 215-766-0189. If you have a question about "paying" your bill, please call 215-766-8914.

Does Plumstead Township add fluoride to the public water supply?

At this time, Plumstead Township does NOT add fluoride to the public water supply.

What is the hardness rating of the water in Plumstead Township?

The water in all of Bucks County is by nature very hard. We do not specifically test for hardness.

Is the water supplied by Plumstead Township safe to drink?

The water is routinely monitored for contaminants according to federal and state laws. An annual report (Consumer Confidence Report) is distributed to all water customers. The report is also available on the township website. The report contains information on water quality and common contaminants for which the water is tested.

Who should I contact if my water meter is leaking?

If there is a leak at the water meter, please report it immediately. Monday - Friday between the hours of 7:30 - 4:00, please call 215-766-0189. At any other time, please call Police Dispatch at 215-766-8740 and identify yourself as a Plumstead Township Water department customer. The dispatcher will contact the on-call Public Works personnel.

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