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Board of Supervisors

Plumstead Township Plumstead Township is a Second Class Township as classified in the Second Class Township Code Act of May 1, 1933. The Township is governed by the five-member Board of Supervisors.

Each is elected serves a six-year term. The Supervisors set the policies for the Township and serve as liaisons with the various advisory committees comprised of residents including Parks & Recreation, Environmental, Veterans, Agricultural, Historic, Village, Trail, Emergency Management and Planning Commission.

  Board of Supervisors
   Pete Busillo    Chair Email 2018-2023
   Dan Hilferty    Vice Chair Email 2016-2021
   Jim McComb    Secretary Email 2020-2025
   Ken Lichtenstein    Treasurer Email 2020-2025
   Brian Trymbiski    Member Email 2016-2021
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