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The Township has received the results of testing to samples from the wells servicing Carriage Hill and Patriots Ridge from the Doylestown Township Municipal Authority (DTMA). DTMA provides the water for these two residential subdivisions. Test results for the wells indicate a combined detection of 10 PTT (parts per trillion) for one well and a combined detection of 17 PPT for the other well. Both are well below the EPA health advisory of 70 PPT.

Results of Townships testing of it's Public Wells.. CLICK HERE FOR INFO

The Township has received the test results for PFCs in the sampling of its 11 public wells. The results range from non-detectable (N/D) to 10 parts per trillion. The EPA has revised its health advisory for PFCs to 70 parts per trillion. The wells tested include Cabin Run, Country Green, Durham Ridge, Landis Green, North Branch and Summer Hill. To find out “What exactly is a part per trillion?” (click the link below).

Water for Carriage Hill and Patriot’s Ridge is purchased from Doylestown Township Municipal Authority. Information relating to the water source will be provided as soon as we receive it. CLICK HERE FOR INFO

Three Ceremonies to recognize & honor Vietnam Veteran's (see attached link). CLICK HERE FOR INFO

Due to the recent issues involving wells in neighboring communities the Township has taken the step of having all of our public production wells tested in order to assure our residents that they continue to be a safe source of water. Samples have been drawn and sent to a laboratory capable of testing for PFCs. We expect results in 2-4 weeks and will post them accordingly.

Plumstead Township Water Customers: We are currently seeking volunteers from each of the public water systems to participate in DEP required lead and copper testing.

Participating home owners must not have water softeners nor be filtering their water supply in any way. The testing will be done during the week of August 22nd. Tentative schedule is: Tuesday, August 23 – sample bottles will be delivered to select residents. Early morning hours of Wednesday, August 24 – sample will be taken by resident, bottle will be labeled by resident and placed outside for collection Wednesday, August 24 samples will be collected. Results of the testing will be sent to participating residents.

Please contact Pam at 215-766-0189 prior to August 12th if you would be able to participate. Thank you!

Hats & T-shirts For Sale at the Township.. The Township has some hats & T-shirts for sale. We are collecting a donation for each item. The money we raise will go towards our PJ and Hat/Mitten Program. The Township collects pj’s, hats, gloves, mittens & scarfs through-out the year and donates them to Bucks County Children and Youth in Doylestown. Any money we raise will allow us to make the necessary purchases for kids in need. All donations stay local. Buy now while supplies last.. (Limited sizes available). Pictures are available on our FaceBook page.

Sesame Place Tickets finally arrived!!! We have Discount Park Tickets here at the Township.. Click on the link for all the park information including pricing. All tickets must be paid for in Cash or Credit Card.. NO checks will be accepted. Tickets sold during normal business hours, Mon-Fri 8am - 4:30pm CLICK HERE FOR INFO

In late June, DEP mailed approximately 375 well surveys and information sheets to residential and commercial properties with a private well that fall within the one-mile radius of the Doylestown Township Municipal Authority (DTMA) supply well. To date, approximately 200 well surveys have been returned. Beginning the week of July 18th, DEP plans to begin sampling of the residential wells. Sampling will be performed in a phased approach; wells located closest to the known detection will be targeted first, as well as highly sensitive populations such as daycares. The sampling events are limited in size due to the availability and capacity of the laboratory. DEP will be notifying property owners at least 48 hours in advance once it is ready to collect a sample from their property. DEP will mail the property owner a copy of the results and will copy the respective Township on those letters. Please note it may take approximately one month for the laboratory to analyze the sample and provide DEP with the official laboratory report. Impacted properties above the HAL will be provided with bottled water.

Water Testing Update: As you are probably aware, Doylestown Township Municipal Authority (DTMA) was forced to shut down one of their wells in the Cross Keys area due to test results showing Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) above the Lifetime Health Advisory Level (HAL) of 70 ppt (parts per trillion). As a result of this contamination, PADEP has begun testing other wells within a one-mile radius of the Cross Keys Well. Well No. 5 in Summer Hill, is within that radius and DEP collected a sample on 6/22/16 for testing. This well has not been used for several years, but because of its location it was included in the testing. The testing results indicate that the highest level of PFC's found was 8 ppt, well below the HAL of 70 ppt. Additionally, the Township has ordered sampling and testing of all of our other production wells throughout the Township to ensure that these water sources are unaffected by PFCs, and will post those results as soon as they become available.

PA DEP Information on Cross Keys Well (Easton Road) Easton Road PFC Site, Easton Road Site Map, Easton Road Helpful Links

Just a reminder, the Township has the community center at Hanusey Park to rent for all of your occasions. Please call the Township for date availability. Attached is the form that you will need to fill out and return with your two checks. CLICK HERE FOR INFO

Plumstead Village launches fresh campaign.CLICK HERE FOR INFO
PA DEP to investigate contamination on Easton Road (Cross Keys area). See link for all the details. CLICK HERE FOR INFO

Just a reminder - The Township no longer requires contractors to register with the Township. The Township however does require the Contractors PA License and expiration date (for residential permits only) and your current insurance certificate, with the Township as the certificate holder (General Contractors Only). This information is needed before we can begin to process your permit application.

Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority (BCWSA) has contracted Gilmore and Associates to inspect residential sump pumps that may be illegally connected to the sanitary sewer system. Gilmore & Associates personnel will have the appropriate identification cards to confirm their affiliation. If you have received notice and have any questions please contact Gilmore and ask for Jim Matticola (215) 345-4330.

Emergency Notification System: Please update the Township with your household information. We need this information for Emergency and non-Emergency purposes (water flushing / maintenance). In the event that an emergency arrises and we need to contact you, we need to make sure we have your current information on file. Please take a minute and either contact Pam in Public Works Department (215) 766-0189 or visit our website and update your information. Thank you! CLICK HERE FOR INFO

2016 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Dates are available from the County. Please note that they WILL NOT be collectiong Electronics this year! CLICK HERE FOR INFO

Bucks County has a FREE emergency, weather & community alert system in place. For more information & to register please click on the link. CLICK HERE FOR INFO

FEMA Flood Insurance & Information. CLICK HERE FOR INFO

In response to questions about floodplains in the Township, here is the link to the County's floodplain viewer. Multiple clicks on the map will enlarge it to show individual parcels. CLICK HERE FOR INFO

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Important News About Open Burning..Effective February 22, 2012 the Township has officially rescinded its Open Burning Policy and will no longer issue permits. This action is a result of formal notification from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PaDEP) that we are a mandated community under Act 101 and thus any burning is regulated by the state and we cannot supersede its authority. Based on the state law, the only property owners permitted to burn are those considered to be "working farms", defined as the production of agricultural commodities in their unmanufactured state on the premises of the farm operation. Campfires and ceremonial fires are also permitted. Yard waste is NOT permitted to be burned. Yard waste is defined as leaves, grass clippings, garden residue, tree trimmings, chipped shrubbery, and other vegetative materials. Because the Township is a mandated community we are responsible for the enforcement of this Act, and will do what is necessary to ensure that the Township and our residents remain in compliance with it.

Welcome To Plumstead Township

The Plumstead Township Board of Supervisors and Township Staff would like to welcome you to explore our website. Here you will find valuable information about the Township and its services. The website has been redesigned to make it easier and more efficient for residents and other visitors to learn more about us and have their most commonly asked questions answered.

Plumstead Township is located in the eastern portion of central Bucks County. It is approximately 25 miles north of the City of Philadelphia and just northeast of Doylestown Borough, the County seat.

While newer housing developments have brought more families to our area, Plumstead Township retains its rural history, having preserved nearly 3,000 acres to date through the purchase of conservation easements.

More information on Plumstead Township can be found HERE.

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